How do we work


We understand startups and those who develop new solutions. We are partners with a select, technological company called SpacePlace, where new business stories and products are born.


If our product or solution simply doesn’t fit you, and we realize this in a reasonable time frame, we won’t charge you a cent. Solutions just being solutions, and not bringing any change, are just a waste of time and money for you as well as for us.


We are accustomed to working in an atmosphere of mutual trust. If it’s missing, there is a lot of communication imbalance and misunderstandings. We know we work with delicate information, therefore we practice full confidentiality and we even protect the safety of our work through highly responsible technological solutions such as “owncloud”, developed by SpacePlace.


We will adjust our timetable to your time requirements to the best of our ability. Also, if you choose any of our products, and throughout its implementation you realize there is something else you need, we will not leave you in the dark.

Whom we work with