Are you a candidate, a political party, a civic association or an interest group? Are you competing for voter and citizen support, in the public domain, for issues you are concerned with? Are you maneuvering between politicians and lobbyists and feeling that they always freeze you out? If so, do not stop believing in your values, prepare your arguments and we will help you get them to target groups with the help of seasoned experts in campain strategy and tactics. We create modern campaigns. Technologies are not just toys, but tools to make your campaign stick in the voters’ minds. We believe a good strategy represents 80 percent of your overall success, along with the efficient targeting of your limited resources. We incorporate the newest knowledge, and we will guide you through crisis communication if you are being pushed into a corner. We consider each campaign to be a small startup, therefore we are selective. We want to believe in what you promote.


Team Restartup

  • Michal NovotaPartner & CEO
    Michal pursues consulting and coaching in the field of political marketing, brand development, PR strategies, communication and leadership skills in Restartup, company he established and led since 2012. He operates in the...
  • Filip KvapilPartner & CEO Czech Republic
    Filip comprises in his profile broad and rich experience in various environment. It includes a career of a medical doctor, researcher management consultant, focuses mostly on management development, coaching, performance management and...
  • Anna ShavitSenior Consultant
    Anna is a partner and senior consultant at Campaigns. She has a PhD in political science and is an expert in marketing. She lectures at the Masaryk University in Brno. Anna has extensive experience in communication...
  • Bogdan StojanovićPartner & CEO Balkans
    Bogdan Stojanović is a political analyst and consultant in the field of lobbying, negotiation and conflict resolution. He has worked as an advisor at the Ministry of Justice within the Bureau of...
  • Kristína RusnákováJunior Consultant
    Kristína studied security studies at the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations of the Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica. She is extensively experienced in both the political campaigning and the...

Team of Experts and Co-workers

  • Anna Dvořáková
    Anna Dvořáková’s main field of expertise is political marketing, content creation and PR agenda setting. She graduated from Political Science at Comenius University; during her studies she took part in internship programmes at...
  • Daniel Kerekes
    Daniel Kerekes is an expert on elections, electoral geography, and data. Daniel has graduated in business management and political marketing at Masaryk University where he is currently a PhD candidate. His academic...
  • Lucia Klapáčová
    Lucia used to work as the Foreign Secretary of SDKÚ-DS where she participated in the realization of election campaigns such as the parliamentary elections in 2006 and 2010, the European elections in 2009, European elections in...
  • Peter Učeň
    Peter Učen is political scientist and mostly prefers practice in the support of democracy, development of political parties and education in fields of politics. He studied in Bratislava, Budapest and Florence. He...
  • Siniša Atlagić
    Siniša Atlagić is a professor of Political Communication and Political Marketing at the Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade, Serbia, the Department of communications and journalism. Since late 1990s he has taken...
  • Reza Kazemi
    Starting to be active in elections campaigns Dr. Reza Kazemi is well-known as an international expert for “Psychology and Technology in Election Campaigns”. Practical Experiences: As a founder of Campaigns & Technology, he...