Are you a startup with a valuable idea, or do you have a complex, creative solution at hand but unsure of how to implement it best? Do you possess an innovation the world, or companies, should know about? Carry on working on your idea, improve it and perfect it. We will take care of the rest. We will help you acquire partners, find a creative business incubator or accelerator environment, and build your product or service brand. We will come up with tactics to get your idea to investors, or to participate in a crowdfunding platform and execute an efficient campaign. We have experienced the development of ideas and technologies that will take Slovakia to space. We understand it’s not easy. We know partners, technologically advanced innovative centers and also established companies and corporations that strive for innovation and search for companies that do the same. We will bring you together.

If you are a company looking for a restart through innovation, and wishing to find people who belong to the creative startup atmosphere, we will connect you with the best individuals within Central Europe. And together we will change the view towards a conventional product or service. In the end, both your customer and your brand will profit.


Team Restartup

  • Michal NovotaPartner & CEO
    Michal pursues consulting and coaching in the field of political marketing, brand development, PR strategies, communication and leadership skills in Restartup, company he established and led since 2012. He operates in the...
  • Filip KvapilPartner & CEO Czech Republic
    Filip comprises in his profile broad and rich experience in various environment. It includes a career of a medical doctor, researcher management consultant, focuses mostly on management development, coaching, performance management and...

Team of Experts and Co-workers

  • David Friedl
    David Friedl creates and manages crowdfunding campaigns, crowdfunding consulting and seeks investment opportunities in the American market for Czech and Slovak startups and entrepreneurs. His company, Fundchaser USA Inc., helps develop and connect...
  • Peter Nízl
    Peter works in analytical and counseling services in the area of marketing communication and political marketing, along with qualitative research in different economic segments and destination management. Today he is the co-founder of Axepto s.r.o....