Reza Kazemi

Starting to be active in elections campaigns Dr. Reza Kazemi is well-known as an international expert for “Psychology and Technology in Election Campaigns”.

Practical Experiences: As a founder of Campaigns & Technology, he has been active in several interesting campaigns throughout Europe. During the last decade, he assisted several candidates on local, regional and national level – including minister presidents, chancellors, candidates for the German National and the European Parliament as well as Head of Parties. Besides of Germany, Dr. Reza Kazemi has been working internationally, especially being involved in campaigning e.g. in Austria, USA, France, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Africa and Eastern European Countries. Here he became well-known, because of implementing creative concepts, innovative technology and new ways of campaigning to engage more voters into the process of political participation and decision making.

Technical Specialization: Combining his background in Political PR and Engineering, Dr. Reza Kazemi was the first person ever, to professionally implement modern campaign technologies, like e.g. the “TalkTOO!

Telefonversammlung”, an innovative tool for mass participation, into the German speaking countries. In 2017 he received an international award (“Polaris GOLD award”) for implementing High-Tech-Instruments for Mass Mobilization and Crisis Communication in a national campaign with the former Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern. Using the results of empirical research, he has furthermore developed scientific ways and specialized in using e.g. Facial Expression Technologies, Eye-Tracking tools, Real-Time-Response (RTR) measurements and other technologies within election campaigns.

Scientific background: Reza Kazemi spent five years writing a PhD in Political Marketing and communication, having a focus on empirical research, combining quantitative and qualitative methods. During the past years, he was running several empirical studies for analyzing effects of “Modern Marketing Methods on Candidate Images”. Furthermore he is holding a university Diploma in mechanical engineering and business administration. Moreover in the past, he has conducted empirical studies, working together with the “Steinbeis Research Center for advertisement and communication”. Besides of the campaigning activities Dr. Reza Kazemi has been holding several teaching assignments from different universities, like e.g. the University of Mannheim, University of Ravensburg, HMKW Frankfurt and other institutions, where his lectures were on topics like e.g. “Implementation of commercial marketing tools into political campaigns” and “Political marketing” or “Behavioral Strategies in Election Campaigns”.