Do you manage a team in a manufacturing company, call center, bank, insurance company, IT company or any other type of business?
Do you work with sales people, managers or colleagues from other countries that you meet occassionally, or haven’t met at all? Do you feel your work or your team needs a boost, skill improvements and a developlement of experiences? No one knows everything, and even those who do their jobs well can always improve. We will help you find your space for growth and show you the strenghts of the individuals and groups that will become the stepping stones to your future success. By means of training sessions and workshops, we will work with groups, while coaching and mentoring will be individual based. Coaching and mentoring activites will be altered by professions and career levels. We will help you excel in what you are good at and reveal new opportunities.


Team Restartup

  • Filip KvapilPartner & CEO Czech Republic
    Filip comprises in his profile broad and rich experience in various environment. It includes a career of a medical doctor, researcher management consultant, focuses mostly on management development, coaching, performance management and...
  • Jana BilíkováSenior Consultant
    Jana Bilíková is a certified coach and trainer of communication skills, mediation and conflict resolution in Czech, English and French languages. Apart from soft-skills courses, she is focused on the intercultural competences...
  • Michal NovotaPartner & CEO
    Michal pursues consulting and coaching in the field of political marketing, brand development, PR strategies, communication and leadership skills in Restartup, company he established and led since 2012. He operates in the...
  • Kristína RusnákováJunior Consultant
    Kristína studied security studies at the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations of the Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica. She is extensively experienced in both the political campaigning and the...

Team of Experts and Co-workers

  • Branislav AndreanskýPartner & Senior Consultant
    Branislav is HR consultant and trainer focuses mostly on the training of improvement management and communication skills. In field of political marketing, he helps clients to set up PR communication and tactics...
  • Sylvia Ondrisová
    Sylvia Ondrisová is a trainer and facilitator, focusing mostly on conflict resolution, interactive skills, emotion and stress management. Moreover, she works as a private trainer. Together with her colleagues, she runs the Institute of...
  • Hana Vykoupilová
    Hana dedicates herself to the development of human potential at all levels of the corporate hierarchy. She received a degree in political science and gained foreign, along with long-term, experience in setting internal business...
  • Ľubica Šebestová
    Ľubica creates and carries out complex projects aimed at identifying, and the development, of the potential of individuals, teams and organizations. She has worked with organizations from different fields, both in Slovakia and...
  • Martin Sedláček
    As a consultant, Martin Sedláček engages in coaching, self-management skills and developing creativity. He majored in psychology at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University and he also graduated in drama education at DAMU....
  • Silvia Orosová
    As a consultant and trainer, Silvia helps organizations increase performance through the identification and development of employees’ potential. She specializes in the design and execution of systematic development programs for business teams and...
  • Marie Stracenská
    A journalist and a trainer, Marie‘s first job in the media was in Slovenský rozhlas (Radio Slovakia). She then moved on to different positions within the TA3, STV and TV Markíza TV stations, from an editor...


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